Showcase presentation for delta printer 3d printed


Showcase presentation for delta printer

Here is my showcase presentation for delta printer.
The showcase to a total height of about 1m80.
You like ? a little like is always cool ;-)
I used the laser module to mark the cleats
Materials to buy separately:
3 polystyrene glass plates (size 100cm x 50 cm thickness 2mm)
3 melamine plates (size 80 cm x 50 cm thickness 3.5 mm)
3 Lock for mailboxes (Type Thirard thresher 28mm thickness 19mm max)
3 pine cleats (dimension 9mm x 57.5 mm Length 2m)
1 plate of medium (dimension 120cm x 60 cm thickness 6mm)
for printer support and the top of the showcase
Small improvements
For cooling, I drilled the center of the medium (diameter 60mm) I use a 70mm PC fan that I connected directly to the port available on the motherboard of the printer EZT3D.
The advantage is that it only starts when the printer is running.
I also added a small switch to allow the power off.

Recommanded Filament : PLA

Temps d'impression : Long

Resolution : 0.2mm

infill : 20%

support : yes

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