Replacement wheel for Peugeot 1007 3d printed


Replacement wheel for Peugeot 1007

Replacement wheel for Peugeot 1007, to be printed in flexible filaflex type filament.
The original caster had stuck, resulting in a flat spot and eventually the guide rail was starting to widen.
Once you have freed the metal caster from its worn plastic portion, the replacement caster simply mounts by lifting the door and sliding it while pulling the door back.
Then finalize the assembly by aligning the new caster using a screwdriver.
Update 08/25/2020: Improved caster to prevent it from sliding off the metal bearing (Porte1007V4_Final file)

Recommanded Filament : Filaflex

Temps d'impression : 30min

Resolution : 0.15

infill : 100%

support : no

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