Freewheel extractor - old bike 3d printed


Freewheel extractor - old bike

You have an old bike ? A spoke is broken on the rear wheel ? You need a freewheel extractor but you can not figure out the good one in your favourite store ?

No problem, you can print it !
Tested and approved ! :-)

- 12 teeth
- Outer diameter 22.5mm.
- To use with a 18mm-wrench.

To print in PLA.

Printing parameters:
- Layer height: 0.2mm
- Hotend temperature: 205°C
- Heatbed temperature: 60°C
- Speed: 60mm/s
- Supports: yes

NB: For printing, favour at least three walls because the part will be subjected to torsional stress.

Recommanded Filament : PLA

Temps d'impression : 36 min

Resolution : 0.2mm

infill : 30%

support : yes

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Je doute de l'efficacité d'une telle pièce vu les contraintes mécaniques quelle peut subir ... j''ai personnellement abîmé des extracteurs originaux a vouloir démonter des roues libres...

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