Gate Stops 3d printed


Gate Stops

The PVC door stops are breaking in time and with the demands. Don’t discard you gate, repair it. I modeled this plate that replaces the existing stops. It has oblong perforations for deep adjustment. Printed in PLA, it is surprisingly resistant to stress and works perfectly.
I printed it on an Alfawise U20, here are the settings I recommend for rigidity and sufficient strength:
- Layer height 0.1;
- 30% filling;
- Temperature according to your PLA and your environment (with Geeetech White I put 200 ° and a plateau at 35 ° because I have no fairing and the room was a little cool).
- There is no need for "adhesion surface" (adhesion border). (If you have problems with membership you can put everything depends on your settings and your environment).
The 3D file represents a single stop. It must be multiplied if you need more, me there were 2.
For 2 stops there is about 4h printing.

Recommanded Filament : PLA

Temps d'impression : 2h

Resolution : 0.1

infill : 30%

support : no

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