looking for a spare part


I know the name of my spare part  (ex : SEB Clipso cover)

If you know the name of the spare part you want to 3d print, use the search engine directlylocated at the top right of the site.

Find the piece that interests you, then click on it.

Make sure it is the part you want to print.
Under the part name, compatible devices are shown.

I do not know the name of my spare part  (ex : lid handle, headphone attachment…)

You have 2 choices :

Use the site search bar (top right) the type of part you are looking for.


Use the menu to refine your search by universe, then look for your room in the proposed rooms.

Print my spare part 


– You have or have access to a 3D printer :

If you have the possibility to print the 3D part by yourself, simply download the .STL file on the form, by clicking on this button:

The makers even offer their recommendations on the print settings:

– You want that somebody else print the spare part :

With our partner Freelabster, you can order with a few clicks your 3D printed piece, and receive it directly at your home. It’s easy, and you know the price of your piece in advance.
On the sheet of the spare part, click on:

You will be redirected to the control platform for your spare part. You can set the quality of your part (Material: High Definition or Economic), color and quantity. The price varies depending on the options chosen.

Create an account at Freelabster (or login)

It’s very fast and easy (less than a minute), fill in your address in order to receive your room at home.

Once your order is paid for and validated, a maker near you will realize the 3D spare part according to your request, then you will ship it within 48 hours. It’s easy, fast and collaborative.