Rayban Case Holder 3d printed


Rayban Case Holder

A technical repair but it is worth repairing
During a ballad I sit on my case with the telescope and the internal support.
This support allows the case to have a certain rigidity to accommodate the glasses.
This achievement took 4 hours of design and need 3 prototypes before having a model that fits.
Two printing possibilities, ie use a PLA flexible or PLA normal.
Since I did not have a soft PLA I used normal PLA, but there is an extra step to thermoform the support to the shape of the holster.
To thermoform, put the support in the case protected by the paper to bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 100 °, yes it is not a chicken. ;-)
The result is better than the original optimized by me.
Thanks to my AnetA8 printer standby.

Recommanded Filament : PLA

Temps d'impression : 6h00

Resolution : 0.1mm

infill : 100%

support : no

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