security dryer door 3d printed


security dryer door

dryer door security Whi .... l
there printed on μdelta rework (formidable quality all the same)
I threaded in 3 mm the tip
with a screw from 20 to 25 mm
value of the piece at a seller in town (34): 15 €
3D print settings
40mm printing, 30mm perimeter ext, filling 25%, thickness layers top / bottom 1.6mm, thickness perimeter 1.6mm
the tip print flat without support
the cross print flat without support
the kind of washer with "shoulder": round side on surface with small support
there it is 150μ abs in bulk for the whole 40min

Recommanded Filament : ABS

Temps d'impression : envi40mn

Resolution : 150µ

infill : 25%

support : no

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