Clothespin 3d printed



The plastic part of the clothes pegs tends, after a while, break or dislodge itslef. The spring however remains functional. Do not throw away your clothespins, rebuild them.
I propose this structure that allows you to reuse the spring to rebuild a new clothespin.
I have done several tests, the result depends on the quality of the print and the filament.
I used an Alfawise U20 to print it with orange Dagoma Chromatik filament, but of course you can print it with the PLA, the printer, and the software you want and master.
You can print it in 0.2 or 0.1 layer height.
I used :
a layer height of 0.2;
a 20% filling, in cubic form;
a nozzle temperature of 205 °, and without a heating plate;
- no support.
The 3D file represents a half-clothespin (symmetrical). So you need 2 to make a full clothespin.
For 2 clothespin (4 files) it took me: 14 g and 4.73 m of filament, about 0.31 €. About half an hour per clothespin.

Recommanded Filament : PLA

Temps d'impression : 30 min

Resolution : 0.2

infill : 20%

support : no

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