Pradel scissor sleeve 3d printed


Pradel scissor sleeve

Give a second life to your old scissors!
This model makes it possible to repair the sleeves of a scissors brand Pradel France.

The print is PLA but can be made of ABS, etc.
26 minutes for Ciseaux.stl (only one face out of 4)
or 51 min for ScissorsPair.stl (both sides on one side)
or 1h58 min for ScissorsPairx2.stl (the 4 faces)

Print settings:
Speed: 60 mm / s
Filling: 20%
Quality: 0.2 mm
Support: NO

Recommanded Filament : PLA

Temps d'impression : 26 min

Resolution : 0.2 mm

infill : 20%

support : no

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