Fan's propeller - CALOR Zenitude 3d printed


Fan's propeller - CALOR Zenitude

Complete replacement of the broken propeller, promissing the fan to the waste !
• 4 pieces : the central core and 3 blades,
• Core printed with support without bottom/top layers (5 first mm),
• Flat blades, but thin enough to follow the primers pierced on the core,
• Blades drilled then fixed by M3 bolts on the core primers. CAUTION : drill and fix the blades in the correct position (cf. photographies)
It would almost make the heat wave playful ... ;-)
There is a little unbalance ; will it lasts at least one summer ?
For little less than 8 € for filament and electricity, it's not so bad!
Have a nice summer ! ;-)

Recommanded Filament : PLA Chromatik argent

Temps d'impression : 2 h 45 + 25 min x 3 = 4 h

Resolution : 0.2

infill : 25%

support : yes

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