Flap waffle - sandwich MOULINEX 3d printed


Flap waffle - sandwich MOULINEX

You have broken the flap of your Moulinex waffle iron (Reference SW280212).

You can fix it by printing this one.
Tested and approved! :-)

To print with ASA (easier to print than ABS and stronger in term of mechanical and thermal safety).

Printing parameters:
- Layer height: 0.2mm
- Hotend temperature: 240°C
- Heatbed temperature: 90°C
- Speed: 30mm/s
- Supports: yes

NB: In your slicing software, keep the same orientation of the part as on the picture to maximize mechanical safety.

Recommanded Filament : ASA, ABS

Temps d'impression : 1h

Resolution : 0.2mm

infill : 30%

support : yes

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