3D Discovery

The basics of 3d printing

Do you dream of making your own objects at home? Of pressing a button and seeing a missing object appear in just a few minutes? Of perfectly repairing a broken part without it costing you a fortune? With 3D printing, the future is just a click away.


How to choose a 3d printer?

You want to buy your first 3D printer but you do not know how to choose it. By following this guide, you will discover all the tips and tricks of Boulanger to choose your 3D printer. Do not hesitate and start 3D printing with Boulanger.com!

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How to choose your 3d printer material?

Just like a standard paper printer, 3D printers need cartridges of material to operate. In the case of fused deposition modelling 3D (also known as 3D FDM), the machines on the market use plastic filaments sold on reels or in closed cartridges.


How does a 3D printer work?

In order to understand how a fused deposition 3D printer works and make a comparison between existing models, see the detailed list below of 3D printer features.


Instructions for your first print

Before using your 3D printer for the first time, it is necessary to carry out several simple operations to ensure there are no problems during the printing process. Below you will find the main actions and checks to carry out to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


How to get a 3d model?

With a 3D printer it is possible to print a physical object with a 3D digital file. But where do 3D models come from?
Whether you are a beginner, regular user or professional, there are different methods for obtaining the necessary files that are compatible with your 3D printer.